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America's Lip Sync Battle provides Fundraising Organizations, Charities and Venue Operators with a Low Cost Turn-key One Day or Multi-Week Lip Sync Event Package that Includes all the Contest Materials You Will Need to Run a Successful  Event.

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Over thirty years after the lip sync show ‘Puttin on the Hits’ first debuted on television  lip sync contests are back in style as Fundraisers. The creator of the original 80’s show is giving back by sharing his considerable lip sync knowledge and expertise to  fundraisers and charity organizations on how to raise a lot of money conducting organized Lip Sync Events in their city.

America's Lip Sync Battle is calling on all fundraisers and charity organizations from around America to participate.  For a small fee participating organizations will receive a turnkey event package, which includes all the contest and marketing materials necessary to run a profitable event, The package also includes contestant forms and a detailed fifty page instruction manual on "how to" run their very own lip sync event according to national guidelines. Venue operators, radio stations, and others are also encouraged to team up with a local charity and help raise money by hosting the events and donating a percentage of the revenues to that charity at the Grand Final Event. Local celebrity judges and audiences will score contestants on their lip sync ability, use of the microphone, audience response, and look-a-like appearance of a famous artist or group.

Lip Sync contests are again sweeping the country. In the third season, the TV show "Celebrity" Lip Sync Battle and “Lip Sync Battle Shorties” (for kids) leads the way in the explosion of lip sync contests across the country,. To date The United Way, American Cancer Society, The Make-A-Wish America,  American Lung Association, and many more have raised funds conducting lip Sync events. ALSB fundraising events gives ordinary people and supporters who can’t sing the chance to be the Star they always wanted to be™ and possibly be discovered.

Quote from ALSB Press Release: 

“It’s very exciting, Lip Sync Events has once again gained popularity as fundraisers, in schools, college campuses and clubs,” says Wm. Randy Wood, creator of the original show and the driving force behind the lip sync events. “These events are putting the fun back into fundraising, and we expect many charities across America to raise a lot of money and awareness for their cause".

Wood continues, “We expect these events to grow nationally and allowing winners representing their charity to advance to a national final event”. Although a national final location has not yet been determined, we are speaking with several organizations to finalize a location and sponsor”.

If you are a Charity or Fundraising Organization click the FUNDRAISERS tab above. To conduct a Multi-Week Club Event click on the CLUB FUNDRAISER tab above to review the cost and benefits, or if you need help a company representative is available to consultant your organization on the phone, online or on site. Contact Wm. Randy Wood directly at 858-336-6326 for a full evaluation.

About the Company:

Best known for the creation of the original Lip Sync Battle, Puttin’ on the Hits television series which aired in 1984-88. Americas Lip Sync Battle (formally known as Lip Sinc International) began Lip Sync contests in 1982, perfecting the show format in clubs such as Confetti, Snuggery, Shaharazod Night Club (Atlantis International Supper Club) and dozens more in over 30 cities. Fundraising for charity is certainly not new, many contests were conducted by LSI as fundraisers in many of these cities benefiting numerous charities.  LSI Joined forces with dick clark productions, in early 1984 becoming consulting producer, and main supplier of contestants to the show. Because of Mr. Wood's great success of the show, he believes giving back to the community through these  America's Lip Sync Battle fundraising events on a national scale will be very helpful to the charity community. ###

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