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     Events Packages As Low As $149*

   (Regular Price $495) * Expires June 1, 2019


To become a Fundraising venue for Charity, you must first choose a Charity you would like to team up with. Contact that Charity or Fundraising Organization and let them know you want to help them raise money by hosting a fundraising Americ's Lip Sync Battle event. We highly suggest choosing a multi-week lip sync event for maximum (ROI) return on investment. But you must act quickly you will want to be the first in your city. Lip Sync Fundraising Events are quickly spreading all over the country, raising BIG BUCKS so don't miss out.


America’s Lip Sync Battle is a National Talent Search (Open to All) which has proven to be a highly successful promotional concept for any club atmosphere including: country western, oldies, adult contemporary, rock and roll, top 40, and classic rock. This promotion has generated tens of thousands of dollars in publicity for participating clubs, and other organizations. This club audition format became so popular nationally it spawned the hit television series Puttin’ on the Hits which aired from 1984-88.

The series used the same club contest format that was so successful in the clubs. Ordinary people competed head to head by lip-syncing the hit recordings of famous music artists recreating in spectacular fashion the make-up, the hairstyles, the costumes… every movement and every gesture of the real thing. Just imagine, seeing look-a-like recreations of legendary music artists and tribute bands in concert on your stage.

The success of the series was the direct result of a well-executed in-market campaign implemented on a national scale in some of the most popular nightclubs around the country. The fact is, our organization licensed over 1500 preliminary club contests in over 30 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Now it’s about to happen all over again for Charity, Are you in?

To host an America’s Lip Sync Battle™ event your venue must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a Stage and/or Dance Floor with Good Visibility

  • DJ and MC

  • Sound System and Lighting

  • Promotions Director & Staff

  • Provide Prizes to Contestants (Usually by a Sponsor)

  • Current on all Music License Royalties (ASCAP)

  • Execute a 1 Day Event or a Multi-Week License Agreement

  • Donate a Percentage of your Revenues to Charity


First you must decide whether to host a 1 day event or a multi-week event.  When you have decided, contact us, we will send you a customized License Agreement. Sign it, remit the appropriate license fee, and you are ready to raise a lot a money for your organization.  By now you have identified the radio station, event sponsors, and others. Open up the Zip file we emailed to you, select the flyer design, (or create your own) and use the design to create the flyer, table tents, posters, banners, and hand-outs etc. After you have opened the selected file you can and add the event date(s), sponsors name and any other information you want to include in the marketing/event materials. You can increase the size of the front side of the flyer/entry form for posters, or decrease the size for a 6"x4" hand out for your street team. It's all in the Zip folder for you to design as you wish.  Just don't forget to send us a copy of your final design, and let us know who you have teamed up with so we can send out a press release announcing all your information to the media. You will also find a detailed 50 page "How To" training manual to help you make your event successful. Again, all we ask is that you donate percentage of your revenues to the charity. As the number of event sites grow we may license city, regional and national finals. Your winner(s) may advance to higher levels of competition.

Your event can begin as soon as you are ready. The event will be marketed and advertised as America’s Lip Sync Battle™  and "The Charity Name" event. The License Agreement states the first place winner from each of the preliminary rounds receive a minimum cash award of one hundred dollars ($100.00) and second place a minimum cash award of fifty dollars ($50.00), provided by you or your sponsor. The top three winners from each of the weekly rounds will advance to compete in the grand final contest. The first place grand final winner will be awarded a grand prize with a cash value of at least ($500) five hundred dollars. The Grand Prize can also be a trip for one (including and hotel accommodations)

Remember, a Press Release can be sent to the media announcing the event and the Charity, so we ask that during the grand final event a check be presented on stage to the charity Director of Development in a ceremonial manner.


America’s Lip Sync Battle Talent Search was designed to provide the venue operator a unique opportunity to build customer traffic on a slow night over the contest period. Under normal circumstances (with a modest advertising budget), standing room only (SRO) audiences can be obtained by week number five (5) and will hold at peak levels thereafter, provided the event is promoted and operated according to the national guidelines.

Clearly, the attendance of the contestants, their friends, supporters, and curious spectators will greatly increase revenues on the night of the event, particularly if the contest is held on one of the traditionally slower nights of the week.

Few events exist that offers the opportunity to provide a highly successful entertainment format and enjoy a low risk profile at the same time. America’s Lip Sync Battle Talent Search offers a low risk profile and high energy entertainment as a routine. The benefits are:

  • Attract New Customers

  • Increased Sales

  • Stimulate Word of Mouth Advertising

  • Attract Capacity Crowds Consistently

  • Attract Free Media Exposure

  • Increase Traffic on Other Nights of the Week  




       A Digital Zip File of contest materials are as follows:

  • Detailed “How To” (50 Page) Training Manual

  • Judges Score Sheets, and Related Forms

  • Emcee/DJ Lineup Sheet

  • Official Entry/Liability Release Form

  • In-House Promotional Posters

  • Promotional (4x6) 2-Sided Hand Outs

  • Sample Radio & Television Ad Scripts

  • Flyers (8 Design Templates)

  • Press Releases Sent to the Media (Extra Cost)

  • In-House Promotional Lip Sync DVD Videos (Optional)

  • On Site Consulting  (Contact us) 

  • (Material files can be opened in ai or rar and changed to include dates, times,

sponsor names etc). Contest forms can be filled out on your laptops.

GETTING STARTED (Let us know about your venue). The license fee is based

on number of weeks you wish to host the event and the Fire Code Capacity.

Call us for an Immediate Quote.

  • The contest license agreement grants the venue owner/operator a limited

  • right to use, only for the purpose of advertising and promoting the contests

  • and only for the duration of the contest, the trademarks, trade names, service

  • marks, logos, slogans, copyrightable materials or other identifying marks of

  • America’s Lip Sync Battle.

       America's Lip Sync Battle

  • GETTING STARTED (Let us know about your organization. An additional  license fee is

  • based on number of weeks you wish to host the event and the Fire Code Capacity.

  • Call us for an immediate quote for Multi-Week Events

1 Day Lip Sync Event Package $149*

(Regular Price $495) * Expires June 1, 2019



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