Lip Sync Battle Events Becoming The Solution For Turn-Key             Fundraising Organizations Raising Big Money For Charities All Across America.

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            Lip Sync Fundraiser events are sweeping America

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Why run the same old worn out radio promotion when you can raise money for your favorite Charity organization and increase your stations exposure at the same time. Now you can buy a low cost turn-key contest package and donate all the money raised by your radio station. It's a proven format that has been used in over 1500 nationwide lip sync contests.


  A 1-Day Lip-Sync Contest is Perfect as a Stand alone Event or Raise                             Big Money Hosting a Multi-Week Club Contest.  

                                                  EVENT PACKAGE OPTIONS

                                    One (1) Day Lip Sync Fundraising Event Package

                                    Multi-Week Lip Sync Club Fundraising Event Package


                  Lip Sync Event Packages Start as Low as $149*

                                 (Regular Price $495) * Expires June 1, 2019

                                                                                           BY SUBMITTING YOUR PAYMENT CONSTITUTES YOUR  ACCEPTANCE OF THE 




                                           Act Now!!!! AND BE THE FIRST IN YOUR CITY 


First you must decide on whether you want to run a 1 day or multi-week Lip Sync Contest.  If you choose a 1 Day contest you will have to obtain a theater, or ballroom at a hotel or other similar venue. At these venues you will have to rent the lighting, sound equipment and  hire operators, all this costs your station money.  If you choose a multi-week event package and team up with a club venue in your area they have everything you need saving you a ton of money. You also benefit greatly by raising money for your favorite charity organization each week instead of a one time event.  And guess what, the venue operator must also agree to donate percentage of their  revenues to the charity, what a deal. (Watch the Club Presentation Video and see what a club manager in Houston has to say about the events, as well as seeing some great lip sync performances from the past).


The following is what the venue must have to host the event.

  • A Stage or Dance Floor with Good Visibility

  • DJ and MC

  • Sound System and Lighting

  • Cooperative Staff

  • Current on all Music License Royalties (ASCAP)

  • Donate a Percentage of the Revenues to Your Charity

Once you have decided on a 1 Day Event Package, pay for the package, and you are ready to raise a lot a money for your charity.  (Contact us to host a multi-week package) By now you have identified the appropriate venue, and met with the, event sponsors, and others. Open up the Zip file we sent you, select the flyer/entry form design, (or create your own) and use the template to create the flyers, table tents, posters, banners, and hand-outs etc. The template lets you add the event date(s), your stations name, charity name, sponsors name and any other information you want to include in the marketing/event materials. You can increase the size of the flyer for posters, or decrease the size for a 6"x4" hand out for your street team. It's all in the Zip FILE for you to design as you wish.  Just don't forget to send us a copy of your final flyer design, and let us know who you have teamed up with so we can send out a press release announcing all your information to the media. You will also find a detailed 50 page "How To" training manual to help you make your event successful. Included in this manual you will find all the contest forms needed to track and judge contestants.

The structure for the event is very simple, contestants must sign up (entry form) and submit their song either on CD or a thumb drive. The contestants will perform one after another in sets, the judges will record their scores after each performance, and announce the top  3 vote getters.

The Terms and Conditions of Agreement states that the third place winner receives a minimum cash award of fifty dollars ($50.00), second place a minimum cash award of one hundred dollars ($100.00) provided by you or your sponsor. The first place winner will be awarded a grand prize with a cash value of at least ($250) two hundred and fifty dollars. 

If you prefer the multi-week event package, and want to team up with a club operator, the winning act from each weekly event will come back and compete in the  Grand Final Event. This multi-week event package is highly recommended to allow the most number of contestants to compete, and brings in the most amount of money and media coverage for your organization. Additional funds can be raised by selling tickets, raffles, sponsorship fees, inclusion in a hand out brochure, as well as drink and food sales. 

As stated before, we require the club operator or other for-profit venue hosting your event donate a reasonable percentage of the (door or bar, ticket sales etc.) revenues to the charity.  We further ask that during the grand final event a company check be presented on stage to your Charity representative in a ceremonial manner just before the winner is announced at the Grand Finale. A few days before the event begins a Press Release (extra cost) will be sent to the media announcing the events location, date, time and the name of all participants. All radio advertising spots should include your charity name, venue, and sponsors, as well as dates, and times of the contests. 


America’s Lip Sync Battle format was originally designed to provide the venue operator a unique opportunity to build customer traffic on a slow night over the multi-week event period. Under normal circumstances (with a modest advertising budget), standing room only (SRO) audiences can be obtained in the first two or three weeks and holding at peak levels thereafter, provided the event is promoted and operated according to the national guidelines.

Clearly, the attendance of the contestants, their friends, supporters, and curious spectators from media reports will greatly increase revenues on the night of the event, particularly if the contest is held on one of the traditionally slower nights of the week. The more revenues generated by the club operator the more money for the Charity.

It's a fact that few events exist that offers the opportunity to provide a highly successful entertainment format and enjoy a low risk profile at the same time. America’s Lip Sync Battle offers a low risk profile and high energy entertainment as a routine. The benefits are:

  • Attract New Customers/Listeners

  • Increased Revenues

  • Stimulate Word of Mouth Advertising

  • Capacity Crowds Consistently

  • Free Media Exposure



  • A Digital Zip File (ai or rar) Contains the Following Materials


      A Detailed "How To" (50 Page) Training Manual

  • Judges Score Sheets, and Related Forms

  • Emcee/DJ Line-up Sheet

  • Official Entry/Liability Release Form/Flyer

  • In-House Promotional Posters

  • Promotional (4x6) 2-Sided Hand Outs

  • Sample Radio & Television Ad Script

  • Press Releases Sent to the Media (Extra Cost)

  • In-House Promotional Lip Sync DVD Videos (Optional)

  • On Site Consulting and Assistance (Extra Cost) 

(Material files can be opened via MAC or PC and changed to include dates, times, sponsor names etc.

and contest forms can be filled out on your laptops).

  • Call us for an Immediate Quote on Muti-Week Events.

The contest terms and conditions of agreement grants the organization/operator a limited

right to use, only for the purpose of advertising and promoting the contests

and only for the duration of the contest, the trademarks, trade names, service

marks, logos, slogans, copyrightable materials or other identifying marks of

America’s Lip Sync Battle.

Americas Lip Sync Battle
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GETTING STARTED (Let us know about your organization. An additional  fee is required

based on number of weeks you wish to host the event and the Fire Code Capacity of the Venue.

Call us for an immediate quote for Multi-Week Events

                         1 Day Lip Sync Event Package $149*

                                              (Regular Price $495) * Expires June 1, 2019


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